Next Job, Best Job:

A Headhunter’s 11 Strategies To Get Hired Now

If you’re struggling to find work in an uncertain job market, Next Job, Best Job by headhunter Rob Barnett delivers game changing strategies to get you hired now. For readers at any phase of a career, Barnett saves you months of wasted time surfing random job postings and uploading resumes into oblivion. His new process gives you the end-to-end tools to find the work you want.

With humor, compassion, and a healthy dose of tough love, Barnett covers everything from the essentials of a modern job search to ageism, ghosting, navigating LinkedIn and Zoom, and mastering the voodoo of social media.


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“This generous and useful book strips away the shame and fear from a job search and can help you get past the resume and see a better way forward.”
Seth Godin, bestselling author of This is Marketing

“This timely book shines light into those darkest of hours when you’re out of work. Rob’s brutally honest, compassionate advice shows you how to un-fire yourself and secure your next job with a whole new mindset – and a sharper set of tools.”
Leah Weiss, PhD, Stanford University Lecturer; author of How We Work; co-founder of Skylyte

Next Job, Best Job is a book for our time. Rob’s excellent advice enables us to banish the stress and anger we can feel when in-between jobs or just plain stuck. Instead, he shows us how to tap into purpose, passion, and power so we can take the first step on the path to more meaningful work. It’s time to choose the next best career move—this book shows us how.”
Annie McKee, PhD, Senior Fellow and Director, University of Pennsylvania

“No nonsense insights and instant impact. Rob distills everything he’s learned into actions you can take today to achieve your dream job.”
Sean Atkins, Senior VP & Executive Dean, College of Business at Western Governors University

“I couldn’t think of a better ally and partner to have in your corner as you’re navigating what’s next.”
Bryan Thoensen, Head of Content Partnerships, TikTok

“If you are looking for your next rock star opportunity, Rob Barnett is your man.”
Angela Bowers, VP Global Instructor Talent Development at Peloton Interactive

“More than a recruiter, he’s a strategic career coach, and trusted advisor. Rob Barnett delivers big time. He is peerless.”
Reggie Williams, SVP, Global Consumer Revenue Video, Condé Nast

“There is nobody as accomplished, caring, innovative, and reliable as Rob Barnett. His eye isn’t where the puck is, but where it’s going.”
Michael Gewirtzman, Global Programming Director, Advertising Week

“Barnett is a headhunter, and there’s page after page after page of useful advice in this book, including things you won’t want to see but you must. This truthfulness works nicely as a mind reset…” [Read More]
Terri SchlichenmeyerThe Bookworm Sez

I have known many people over the years who were fired. Rather than focusing on “What’s next?” they kept tripping over the past while conducting autopsies. They saw themselves as victims or as losers. What they needed were the tools provided in Next Job, Best Job, tools that could have helped them to achieve what they really want. [Read More]
Robert Morris, Amazon 5-star review

“Next Job Best Job by Barnett is an excellent tool for hiring managers and job seekers alike. The book would be helpful for college students seeking a first job after graduation. [Read More]
Dr. Joseph S. Maresca, Amazon 5-star review

An essential job hunting manual. I believe Next Job, Best Job could soon be viewed as one of the top job hunting bibles of the 21st century. [Read More]
Mr. Me, Amazon 5-star review

If you’re looking for the stagnant how-to book on getting a job, Next Job Best Job isn’t for you. If you prefer someone who has walked in your shoes, shared your concerns, and pivoted to their Next Job, their Best Job, then Next Job Best job is for you. [Read More]
Ja, Amazon 5-star review

If you are on the hiring side of the table, read this book to discover what a true expert headhunter knows about the process and take your Human Resources department out of the equation.

If you are #IBJA, buy this book (it’s a quick & entertaining read) and get refocused on what matters most and how to avoid the pitfalls so you don’t get lost in that sea of resumes on the hiring manager’s desk. [Read More]
DHH, Amazon 5-star review