One-on-One Sessions

Rob Barnett has discovered, hired, and led hundreds of talented creators and executives in senior management roles at MTV, VH1, CBS, and Audible/Amazon. Let him put that expertise to work for you.

Work directly with Rob in one or more of these five sessions to get hired faster.

Job Search Strategy


Stop surfing random job sites. We focus your job search with a new strategy that gets results.

Don’t be a butcher-baker-candlestick-maker. We help you find your true North Star. We deliver specific guidance on how to overhaul your LinkedIn, resume, and cover letters. We detail the strategy to build a target company list, bust through gatekeepers, and access decision-makers for any open job. No more ghosting.

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New LinkedIn + Resume + Bio


Rob and our team use these 3 key selling tools to get you hired faster.

Hiring managers can spend less than 60 seconds reading before they judge you. We tell and sell your story to make sure you rise above all the generic nonsense everyone else writes.

Stop obsessing about robots and algorithms that still bury your resume in a deep digital pile. We sing your superpowers.

We design a new resume in PDF and Word, and we even make all the changes for you on LinkedIn.

The whole process can be completed within two weeks. You won’t find another executive resume writer with forty years of experience leading major media companies. Other services take weeks to complete your documents with endless revisions and without enough knowledge about your expertise or industry.

The flight plan:

  • A one-hour conference call dives into your complete job history and career goals.
  • We analyze the work you want to do most—what you love—and what you’re best at.
  • We eliminate all painfully obvious info and erase ancient history that doesn’t support your true path forward.
  • We detail your “greatest hits” from every past job.
  • We define your one best career title, the North Star, for the top of your LinkedIn and resume.
  • We create a new bio & “about” section on LinkedIn.

Target Company Session


Identifying the right companies where you want to work can be one of the most challenging parts of the job search. Finding a job that fits your skills and suits your needs is even harder. Getting around gatekeepers and into direct contact with the hiring manager is like capturing the holy grail. That’s what the target company session is all about.

We identify 20 of your target companies where Rob has senior executive contacts. We deliver direct access to CEOs, presidents, and hiring managers. When open roles are available, you jump to the front of the line to be interviewed.

There is no time limit on this opportunity.

The one-time cost for this A-list access is $900 (only $45 per company).

Perfect Cover Letters


The cover letter is not dead! Rob rewrites your cover letter to pitch you as the best candidate for the job. Stop using the antiquated me-me-me letter. Start creating unique letters specific to what the company needs now.

Interview Prep Session


Work directly with Rob to nail a perfect, 30-minute interview with a hiring manager. Rapid fire Q&A, tough love, priceless lessons, body language insights, curveballs you never saw coming, topics to avoid… the ultimate training on how to say it bestsuccinctly.