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Company Description

Founded in 2012, ChefSteps is a Seattle-based food and technology company on a mission to help people cook smarter. ChefSteps.com and its companion app are designed to inspire creativity and encourage experimentation through high-quality interactive content, techniques, tools, and resources.

The ChefSteps team is made up of 50+ voices—chefs, scientists, photographers, writers, and engineers—and we all come to work each day with one thing in mind: helping you cook confidently. (We call this “cooking smarter.”) Why? Because the more you know about cooking, the better you get at it. And the better you get at it, the more fun it is. We think cooking and eating together makes us better humans, and we want to share that belief with the world.

ChefSteps and our Joule product have agreed to become part of the Breville global family.