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Dear Person of Great Integrity & Taste I appreciate your time and consideration of my resume and skills.  As you will see, I have a wide-ranging background in all aspects of the content business along with a passion for the business of making it.  I am a professional executive who has worked extensively in both Canada and the USA with strong connections in both countries. With the content business growing quickly and sprawling down many avenues I have made it a priority to grow my career beyond a single lane.  From conventional to transmedia, we are required to be agile, reacting to changing tastes, formats and technologies that deliver our programming on a global scale.  I have moved from Comedy to Drama to Reality to Documentary and others because the nature of the job is to find and nurture good ideas from their best origins in their best formats. As an executive who has been on both sides –  a buyer and seller with experience in business building -  I’ve always believed that the best way to succeed is to put together the right mix of people and create the right strategic partnerships to suit the project.  I may not be an expert in all areas but I have a talent in getting the right team to best achieve the goal. I am not afraid of creative risk or getting my hands messy in the muck numbers, production and actual creative.  I have a creative mentality and work extremely well with content creators and producers, building their visions through all the difficult stages of development.  The business side of the industry has also been a strong part of my career path.  At both TCN/CTV and MTV, I was heavily involved in negotiating deals, large scale strategic planning and managing hefty financial portfolios. This is an opportunity to expand my career, not just enhance it.  I firmly believe in my ability to grow a company through strategic decision-making combined with content that folks love to love.  I was part of a small team that launched The Comedy Network built that channel from the ground up, eventually becoming the head of programming.  When I arrived at MTV in New York, I was tasked to create a new department that would morph its mission and programming style many times.  When I started my own production company I created, wrote and executive produced two seasons of a series for CBC’s Art Stream. I am unafraid of business building and venturing in new directions.  Three years ago, I was hired to start and oversee a development and production arm for an established multiplatform, Shout!Factory.  I’ve  placed shows into development with FX, Sony Pictures Television, The Jim Henson Company and others.  We produced a digital comedy series for Quibi and are about to start production on a movie for SciFi and are about to produce special, or two, for AMC/Shudder. And I have good taste in programming, understand key audiences, and genuinely love making new projects. I would like to find a business home where I can truly dig in and lead a productive venture.  For good measure, I am a Canadian Citizen with permanent residency in the USA. Thanks for taking a look and feel free to contact me at any time.   Regards,     Brent Haynes gbrenthaynes@gmail.com 917-703-3376
  • Sector DevelopmentOriginal ContentSeries DevelopmentFilm Production
  • Preferred Job Title Executive ProducerExecutive Vice PresidentHead of Original ProgrammingProducerSenior Vice PresidentVice President