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February 5, 2022   Deborah Skelly PO Box 49309 Los Angeles, CA 90049 310 471 8987   CHEGG 3990 Freedom Cir, Santa Clara, CA 95054   Re: Director of Content   To Whom It May Concern:   In a time when so much is in flux and societal inequity is so acute CHEGG provides an invaluable path forward, not only by providing necessary resources, but by providing a constancy and partnership that is sorely lacking for so many when it comes to their education. Am in awe of the 13 million students CHEGG serves. Their participation on the platform underscores, not only the importance of education, but CHEGG’s ability to serve this motivated, aspirational group, who represents the future.   Further, I applaud CHEGG for creating an environment and set of opportunities that permits not only those traditionally successful in a learning environment, but those who have yet to succeed in such an environment, a shot at the kind of success we all want, but oftentimes don’t know we can attain.   Was excited to learn of CHEGG’S recent acquisition of Busuu—I personally know a student whose lackluster high school performance thwarted his desire to continue his education, who over the course of the last year has become fluent in French through this program.  Weekly one-to one sessions with a tutor and a personalized learning plan has not only provided this student with the ability to speak French but, has given him a new-found confidence in his own abilities.   All students deserve this powerful, educational resource, and the elimination of anxiety it engenders for students, both in and outside of school.   Nothing would give me greater pleasure than to leverage my experience and expertise on behalf of your superlative learning platform.   I have devoted my entire career to the entertainment and media sectors and have most recently spent nine years in the position of National Executive Director of Industry Relations at SAG-AFTRA, a role which positioned me as the Chief external facing executive at the largest entertainment union in the world; and entailed leading a national team devoted to becoming well-acquainted with leading YouTube; Tik-Tock; Instagram influencers and their representatives and other relevant platforms and talent serving the desired demographic of Gen Z and young Millennials.   My career has been focused on a comprehensive skill set that allows me, not only to know the talent, but to make the deals that empower it, and to produce the quality content that speaks to the audience it serves.   I have worn the hats of Producer, Entertainment Attorney, William Morris talent Agent, Film and Television Development and Production Executive, and Digital CEO.   It would be an honor and a privilege to lend my talents and expertise to CHEGG, an educational platform in which I truly believe.   I look forward to hearing from you.   Sincerely/Deborah Skelly
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