About MarciaZellers

Hello Future Employers and Collaborators: I'm a versatile senior digital marketing exec with experience as a brand marketer, performance marketer, and creative executive. I have years of experience in media and entertainment, e-commerce, advertising and marketing agencies, tech, education, and non-profits. I can grow revenue, activate members and subscribers, improve lead acquisition, create awesome and effective creative campaigns, build effective partnerships, and concept and produce digital and branded content. I am as fluent with current tactics like social media as I am with traditional digital platforms. I understand all the analysis, data capture, and ad tech tools of our trade, because I've been a part of their evolution. I made a conscious pivot over the last few years to expand my experience portfolio to DTC. I've been associated with quite a few startups in my career, and I believe the wellness e-commerce company I'm currently helping to build is the one that will have a successful exit. We have an impressive portfolio of celebrity investors (Amy Schumer, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jessica Seinfeld, etc.), and have been touted by many high profile publications, blogs, and podcasts. We're driving really impressive sales. I’ve spent my career with the world’s most groundbreaking media brands, always on the hunt for the next place to innovate. Creating beloved campaigns for Netflix, running a digital entertainment innovation lab for the American Film Institute, and co-founding the online division at MTV are a few highlights... but I’ve worked for or with most major media companies. I formed my own company at the request of Sony to market their Crackle streaming service. Me and my team of 7 employees created and ran engagement rich social media campaigns, created, captured, and produced content on set with talent, and produced live events that grew Sony Crackle to a position of strength for the recent acquisition by Chicken Soup for the Soul. I’m a strategic leader, and I’ve seen our industry from every angle. I know how to run your marketing efforts, get the best from your agencies and partners, and sell and fundraise.
  • As an agency leader in a highly competitive environment, I make sure we create strategies and creative campaigns so compelling that they keep top clients coming back. I am chief Strategist, Creative Director, sales & biz dev lead, chief negotiator, and all around inspirational shaman to my teams of up to 35 people (and a bevy of freelancers).
  • As a corporate brand marketer, I’ve been hired to build emerging business opportunities for established brands. I’ve overseen brand positioning, staffing, budgets, and partner relations, and used tactics like SEO, SEM, and SAAS platforms to generate leads and customer data.
  • As a non-profit leader, I’ve been the public face of my organization. When I ran the AFI Digital Content Lab for the American Film Institute, it was my role to engage the entire entertainment industry. If I didn’t have studios and networks participating in-kind, tech companies donating to my operating budget, philanthropic organizations green-lighting our grants, and journalists covering us, I wasn’t doing my job. I was #3 on the Hollywood Reporter “Digital 50” list of most influential people.
There’s so much I can do for you — I look forward to chatting! Marcia Zellers
  • Industry AdvertisingBranded EntertainmentDigitalFilmMarketingMediaMusicNon-ProfitPublishingTelevisionEducationVisual ArtsJournalism
  • Sector Acquisition MarketingBranded ContentBranded EntertainmentBusiness DevelopmentConsumer MarketingCreative ServicesGrowth MarketingIntegrated MarketingOperationsOriginal ContentRevenueSocial MediaStrategic PartnershipsStrategyUser ExperienceWeb DevelopmentApp DevelopmentAudience DevelopmentClient RelationsPost ProductionTalent Relations
  • Preferred Job Title CCO (Chief Content Officer)CDO (Chief Digital Officer)CIO (Chief Innovation Officer)CMO (Chief Marketing Officer)General ManagerManaging DirectorSenior Vice PresidentVice President
  • Companies MTV, Warner Bros., New Line Cinema, AFI, American Film Institute, A&E Television, FIDM, Fashion Institute Of Design And Merchandising, Stradella Road, Chironomy, Sony



with great creative chops and 

20+ years experience in all marketing functions

media & entertainment | tech | wellness e-commerce | education 

My Superpowers:

  • I have a rare combination of data-driven, analytical left brain logic and creative capabilities. 
  • I have deep experience in all aspects of marketing: brand, performance marketing, social media, CRM, SEO, and more. 
  • I’m not afraid to get my hands dirty, and I can lead, collaborate, and execute. 

Industries: media and entertainment, wellness ecommerce, education, non-profits

Core Competencies: brand strategy, creative direction, lead acquisition, content strategy, content production, leadership, management, operations and business development, DTC platform integrations

I’ve Built & Led: corporate digital marketing departments, startup marketing operations, advertising agencies

I Have Hands on Experience With: 

  • brand strategy
  • advertising strategy and creative campaigns
  • agency account management
  • social media, paid and organic
  • copywriting
  • creative direction
  • email & SMS marketing 
  • web site creation & build for entertainment, ecommerce, and education
  • SEO
  • Google ads and paid media vendor management
  • sales, business development, and partner building
  • customer service, fulfillment, and warehouse integration for ecommerce
  • contract negotiations
  • ecommerce platform integrations: email & SMS, loyalty and rewards programs, subscriptions, reviews, customer service, fulfillment and warehousing, delivery tracking, more

There’s so much I can do for you. I’m a leader. My POV is informed, well-rounded, and out of the box. I drive revenue and build strong partnerships. I run paid media, SEM, SEO, and lead generation campaigns. I oversee teams developing strategy or creative campaigns… and I can whip them up myself from start to finish. I’m as fluid with current methods like social media as I am with traditional marketing platforms. I understand and effectively use data, analysis, and ad tech, because I’ve been part of their evolution. I manage fairly and effectively, and people enjoy working for me.



  • 2018 - 2019

    Founder & Executive Strategist

    Sony Crackle asked me to form my own marketing agency to grow their business on their OTT viewing platform. As their social media agency of record, we created winning digital strategy, content, and tactics for fan acquisition and engagement on social media. Currently we work with a variety of agencies as a white label provider, creating marketing campaigns for their clients and helping them scope, staff, and grow their social media and digital marketing capabilities.

  • 2013 - 2018
    Stradella Road

    COO & Chief Creative Officer

    Stradella Road is a creative marketing agency, specializing in social marketing, video and paid media creative, and app and web design for film, TV, and brands. We were named by Fast Company as one of the most innovative companies in Hollywood. As COO & Chief Creative, I co-ran the company to bring in new business, and ensure that all work that goes out the door is strategic, inventive, on time, and meets our high standard of excellence. I oversaw creative, budgets, profitability, productivity, staff management, partner alliances, and sales. I actively co-led business development and significantly increased sales every year. On an executional level, I supervised all client engagements, directing our team in strategic guidance, ideation, organic and paid media practice, visual creative direction, client relations, insights, and all aspects of business. I enjoyed the energy, innovation, and multi-skilled demands of a growing small business.

  • 2009 - 2013
    Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising

    Head of Digital Marketing

    Originally brought in to assess FIDM\'s marketing operations, I accepted the position running the department I created. I oversaw a team of 10 with responsibility for digital marketing strategy, creation and production of all digital properties (web, mobile apps, etc.), social media marketing, SEO, SEM, analytics and server-side development for web. My role was a hybrid of strategy, creative, and technical. My background in entertainment made it natural for me to aid in building strategic alliances in the entertainment arena. The debate around public versus private college, groups like The Thiel Fellowship that propose kids shouldn\'t go to college at all, and pressure from online educators like Kahn Academy made FIDM a fascinating place to explore the convergence of digital media, entertainment, and next-gen uses of digital platforms for a top-notch educational institution.

  • 2006 - 2007
    A&E Televisions Networks

    Senior Director, Digital Media

    A&E said they needed my \"creativity, vision and leadership\"​ when they brought me in to act as lead on their multi-platform efforts. A&E was just emerging as an original programming powerhouse, and it was fun to work on early successes like \"Gene Simmons Family Jewels,\"​ \"Criss Angel,\"​ and \"Intervention.\"​ My role was to create great original and companion programming, effectively manage our budget, oversee production and creative, and work closely with on-air marketing, international, and legal to effectively market online. I also built a prototype for the launch of A&E\'s OTT Network, \"Crime & Investigation.\"

  • 2001 - 2006
    AFI Digital Content Lab (American Film Institute)


    This was a rare and wonderful position that put me at the forefront of the digital entertainment industry. Acting as GM of this high-profile industry R&D lab, I worked with most of the top media brands and digital design, technology, and strategy players. As a result, I have a fantastic rolodex and profile. The AFI DCL, disbanded in 2010, worked with commercial TV networks, film studios, and digital content owners to create innovative digital programming for the range of digital platforms, from broadband to mobile to game consoles, settop boxes, and more. I did all business development, building the right teams for the right productions and recruiting approximately 100 top digital companies annually to work pro bono. I oversaw the creative and technical output of those teams. I ran the budget, and raised the funds annually required to maintain that budget. I managed the staff, and spoke regularly at industry events both in the U.S. and abroad.

  • 1999 - 2000
    Warner Bros.

    Supervising Producer, Entertaindom

    Again acting as GM of Entertaindom, Warner Bros\'​ vision for an early over-the-top network, my mandate was to clarify the product vision and make it happen. I oversaw all staff functions, from marketing, production, technology, design, and legal. I ran partner relations, and worked with current and new partners to bring a broad range of content to the network. Warner Bros. was ahead of its time with Entertaindom -- the technology and business rules enjoyed by a Netflix or Hulu today simply weren\'t there yet.

  • 1994 - 1999

    Senior Director, Online

    alk about a great job! ! I co-founded MTV Interactive a few months before the introduction of the Mosaic web browser at a time when MTV was all powerful. I got to make the rules and pioneer the content and applications that the rest of the digital entertainment industry followed, and I enjoyed the company of rock stars in my office on a regular basis. I led and was Editor-In-Chief of all music-related aspects of MTV Online, including creating all coverage of both original and repurposed content; oversight of a staff of about 25 in charge of production, design, and code; programming and production coordination with the rest of the channel; talent relations, and editorial assignment to the universe of music writers. We created many of the industry\'s firsts: first combined on-air video/chat composite, first 2-screen synch to broadcast programming, first multi-camera shoot for online, first live music event for the web from Madison Square Garden, and more.

  • 2021
    Kroma Wellness

    Director of Brand and Customer Experience

    Kroma makes delicious, non-perishable superfoods as detox experiences and everyday essentials. Vogue called us "the most delicious non-perishable reset on the market," and Gwyneth Paltrow called us her #1 wellness essential for fall. As part of the founding team building best-in-class ecommerce, we\'re growing fast through smart online tactics, CRM, organic and paid social, referral and loyalty initiatives, influencer initiatives, great customer service, and DTC outreach.