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I'm not easy to pigeonhole. My background is so diverse it’s almost a disservice to defer to a single job title at the expense of my many other skill sets, skill sets so broad, versatile, and proficient that I'd be willing to bet few applicants can offer the kind of depth that I can. Not that I couldn't work in a single "pigeonhole" but I'd like to think any media operation would find a candidate with my background valuable both from a practical and financial standpoint. I began my working life as a college teacher, trained as a musicologist (a fancy word for music history, scholarship, and research). Early on I changed careers to go into radio, a foolish decision, some would say (okay, everyone would say), but I had wanted to return to New York. I gave myself five years and made it there in about half that time, landing the role of producer for Scott Shannon and Ross Brittain at Z-100 when the morning show was reaching its zenith. I learned everything there was to learn about doing a morning show and applied all that knowledge when I went off to host my own morning shows. Always a news junkie, I eventually transitioned to talk radio. Along the way, I took on and/or simultaneously added other duties. A highlight reel:
  • Five years as a scriptwriter and producer for a globally syndicated music radio program.
  • More than 20 years as content manager for a daily digital news digest for some 150 radio stations worldwide. Written conversationally, or what I like to call, “shirtsleeve English,” I wrote roughly half the day's content (appx. 40,000 words) on all things newsworthy and topical, supervised a team of contributing writers, editing and proofreading their materials, and also managed the website. I did this while also preparing my own daily four-hour morning radio broadcast.
  • Six years writing opinion columns and Sunday news analysis and feature pieces for The Sacramento Bee, other McClatchy properties, Gatehouse media and more. Some samples remain archived on The Bee’s website (here: https://bit.ly/3aM9zw0). Some more recent pieces are here: goo.gl/xVCGHY; https://bit.ly/2O2H2J3.
And somewhere else in all that I launched a non-profit community football organization, which I ran for seven years, building it from a single team to eight, from pee-wees to adults, all while coaching the semi-pro unit. I did this while working in New York, which actually led to the happy accident of meeting John Madden, Bill Walsh, and Bill Parcells. I guess I should add here the happy accident of meeting and interviewing President Clinton, which occurred thanks to what we were doing while hosting a morning show in California at the time. These are all stories to share should we ever meet for an interview. If I had my druthers, I'd be hosting a talk radio program. I'm pretty good at it -- a careful researcher, a good storyteller, someone with an enormously broad range of interests (well beyond politics) who is more interested in what listeners have to say than what I have to say. But like my career, my politics are also difficult to pigeonhole, and that leaves decision-makers a bit gun shy if they're just looking for another ideological clone of the stereotypical foam-at-the-mouth name-calling hosts known to dominate the format. My on-air work has also always been accompanied by a broad range of tasks and activities, including award-winning production, multiple public speaking events, substitute teaching (because I do enjoy working with students) and an extensive amount of writing that has also included copywriting on behalf of account executives and station clients (spots for which I’ve won both corporate and industry awards), press releases and promotional copy for morning show appearances or station events. Bottom line: I have a broad range of interests cultivated from a diverse background and working life, and I imagine it’s readily apparent you’d also be getting someone capable of spinning a lot of plates while wearing a lot of hats. I just need a place to wear them. Right now, I'm sort of like "The Man Without a Country" the short story by American writer Edward Everett Hale; I'm a talent without a home to use them. You’ll find a fair amount of my work on a Google Drive page (here: https://goo.gl/JEFeRk), impelling enough that you'll perhaps consider giving me the opportunity to put my skills to work for you. Thanks for your time and consideration and I look forward to interviewing with you.
  • Industry MediaMusicPodcastingRadioJournalismEducation
  • Sector AudioCreative ServicesMusic ProductionOriginal Content
  • Preferred Job Title CopywriterCreative DirectorEditorHostProducerSenior ProducerWriter
  • Companies IHeartMedia, Sacramento Bee, Public Radio


Audio Demos: https://bit.ly/2JBL9bh


  • 2009 - 2018
    KFBK, iHeart Media/Clear Channel Communications

    Talk Show Host

    Prepare, produce and manage regular news-talk broadcasts covering broad range of issues from the front page to the back. Programs featured story cultivation, vigorous listener engagement and interviews with guests of local, state and national import. Worked full time for three years until recessionary budget cuts; fill-in host thereafter.

  • 2009 - 2015
    Sacramento Bee/McClatchy

    Columnist and Contributing Writer

    Weekly op-ed pieces about news and politics affecting the region and the state, plus additional weekend investigative and feature stories. Each piece was intended to offer compelling writing and provocative arguments, with a mixture of deep reportage, news analysis, humor, first-person narratives, photographs, illustrations, and graphics, with an instinct for what sorts of pieces connect with the audience and be able to advance the constructive debate about big ideas. Often worked art director and design director on the overall look of a piece, collaborating in the selection of illustrations, photographs, and other artwork. The job required strong organizational and communications skills, creative ideas for framing pieces, deft editing hands and a discerning eye for good writing. A sense of humor cultivated from years of morning radio helped. Between this and my work at KFBK, I established brand among the Capitol community and Bee readership as honest, fair and unique, leading to numerous public speaking engagements and solicitations from both lawmakers and PR firms pitching story ideas.

  • 1993 - 2014
    Ross Brittain Report

    Co-Editor/Senior Writer

    Co-editor and senior writer. Essentially a content manager for this daily radio prep service, providing and managing content for some 150 stations worldwide. Digitally delivered each weekday to affiliates in both music and talk formats, the content, approximately 40,000 words daily, is written in a broadcast-friendly style, and is wide-ranging, from pop culture and entertainment to hard news and controversial political issues to business and sports, to the sublimely ridiculous human condition. In addition to managing the website, my role was to provide roughly half the day\'s content, fact-check and edit all of it for grammar, syntax, spelling, punctuation, and HTML coding consistency, which meant serving as editor for a team of writers to ensure product uniformity for multiple stakeholders in widely different formats.

  • 2011 - 2014
    Capital Public Radio/NPR

    Commentator, Fill-In Host

    Commentator, providing regular 2-minute audio essays on issues regarding California and the Sacramento region. Fill-in host for Insight, local news magazine program.

  • 1993 - 2005
    Multiple Stations

    Morning Radio Host

    Built, managed and hosted daily four hour radio morning shows in several markets and several formats, including Buffalo, Cincinnati, Monterey, and Sacramento. Molded staffs of 5-8 people into teams with excellent chemistry. Product consisted of music, news, comedy, and satire. Duties involved large quantities of writing, audio and visual production, which garnered both industry and corporate recognition and awards, and archival library maintenance of all audio materials. Interviews with newsmakers and celebrities, and project management creating and developing ad campaigns for business clients and charitable efforts for various philanthropic organizations both large and small.

  • 1987 - 1993
    Z-100/PLJ New York

    Executive Producer

    Content creation and audio archivist for highly produced morning shows, from comedy writing, parody songs and commercials to character voices to contest elements. PR liaison for celebrity guests. Producer, as well, for nationally syndicated countdown radio show.