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  • Preferred Job Title Account DirectorCCO (Chief Content Officer)CDO (Chief Digital Officer)CIO (Chief Innovation Officer)
  • Companies Haymarket Media, Econsultancy, Attention, Horizon Media



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With 15+ years of experience in b2b editorial and branded content and digital marketing, I am an ideal candidate for a number of marketing and media roles.


I was most recently digital transformation lead at Econsultancy, where I ran up our bespoke marketing training business and contribute to our website’s content.


I have led two marketing publications (PRWeek and DMNews) where I have written hundreds of articles and reviewed and published hundreds of submitted pieces, developed digital marketing blended learning programs for blue-chip clients, and held senior client-facing roles at social media firm Attention and media agency Horizon Media.


I thrive in cross functionally roles where I must interact and work with multiple teams to deliver a  best-in-class content strategy. My varied career has given me ample experience in driving large content programs, managing digital marketing campaigns for blue-chip clients, and leading multiple b2b content teams.


Below, I’ve provided some context and descriptions of experience around the skill sets I believe are most crucial to this role.


Digital Marketing


At Attention, I led digital strategy for over 20 brands, including Paramount, Blackstone, VH1, Turner, Blackstone, Beats By Dre, Condé Nast, Live Nation, and many others. I served as the senior client lead, managing teams of 6-15 people.


Among my highlights include creating and executing a number of at-the-time emerging concepts, including the first-ever social application for VH1, a social media scavenger hunt for Live Nation that boosted its web traffic from social by 6x, a Facebook reader app for Vogue, and more.


I also developed a social playbook for Condé Nast and launched the most successful user-generated campaign in Rolling Stone history, while leading thousands of hours of engagement and social strategy on behalf of clients.



At Horizon Media, my clients included Capital One, Jack in the Box, Sands, Bath Fitter, Honda, and more. I led large teams providing clients with influencer engagement, SMS and email marketing, earned media, reputation management, and social media campaigns.


My work helped clients increase their social audience and enhance their reputation as well as increase sales through digital channels.


Change Management and Digital Transformation


Throughout my career, I have been a strong advocate for taking on chances outside of my employers’ comfort zones to meet rapidly changing environments.


At Econsultancy, I manage our digital transformation training business, where I have created a learning framework based on instructional design and helped build competency models for multiple clients.


Working with the head of the business media group at Haymarket Media, I reorganized our staff to centralize the production capabilities, which enabled us to realize efficiencies and hire more digital staff.


I also revamped our sales offering to include more custom projects and native advertising, at a time when traditional advertising was flagging.


Haymarket’s board tapped me to distill learnings from the New York Times Digital Innovation Report, which I used to develop some long-term projects for the company. I introduced the long-term vision to move from a homegrown, antiquated CMS to the open-source platform WordPress.


Content Strategy


Haymarket Media hired me to remake its publications as digital-first operations. I spent the first 90 days understanding the needs and goals of the lead editors, as well as their pain points. I then provided them with a framework for how they could begin to improve the quality and accessibility of their content.


I helped them launched new products, including themed weeks, curated newsletters, podcasts, industry-specific blogs, and live video.


As director of media & entertainment at Attention, publishing brands trusted me to help refine their content strategy, including branching into new coverages areas, social-media-exclusive pieces, and exclusive partnerships with emerging technology players. Clients included Rolling Stone, Conde Nast, Consumer Reports, The Guardian, Newsweek, and The Daily Beast.


My strategic framework included analyzing owned and open social data, interviewing key stakeholders, and providing a blueprint on how to execute it correctly.


Writing/Editing/Thought Leadership


I have also served as the lead editor for two marketing publications, PRWeek (Editor-in-chief) and DMNews (Editorial Director). I have written thousands of articles on digital strategy, advertising, PR, reputation management, and technology.



At Econsultancy, I have developed multiple long-term blended learning programs for blue-chip CPG, financial services, and pharmaceutical companies. I’ve also built some custom eLearning content for multiple clients.

At Haymarket, the HR department requested that I lead multiple training sessions on how to better understand social media and use it for recruitment, content distribution, and influencer identification.