About Katskrieger

  • Industry MarketingDigital
  • Sector Acquisition MarketingConsumer MarketingGrowth MarketingIntegrated MarketingProduct MarketingSocial ImpactSocial MediaStrategy
  • Preferred Job Title Vice PresidentCCO (Chief Communications Officer)CMO (Chief Marketing Officer)CIO (Chief Innovation Officer)Senior Vice President
  • Companies FitVine Wine, Joyride Coffee, NPG, Multiplying Good, Brand Connections


Kat Krieger is a marketing and communications executive, experienced in building high-impact strategies and campaigns, focused on organizational growth. Kat loves to harness the power of both digital and traditional marketing tactics to further business goals. She is particularly passionate about storytelling across digital, visual, and print mediums. 

She currently runs marketing at FitVine Wine. In her spare moments, she runs her own marketing consulting agency and volunteers with Youth for Understanding (YFU). She is a passionate and dedicated speaker and advocate about trauma and trauma recovery. Before this, Kat ran marketing and communications at Joyride, the only beverage manufacturer and distributor in the world to have eliminated single serve containers from its supply chain. There she presided over all marketing, communications, and technology strategies and initiatives, which ranged from digital and social media content and campaigns, branding, graphic design, email marketing, and technology integrations. She has served on the Forbes Communications Council since 2017.