About Justin Allen

I'm a Chicago-based content creator and brand marketing executive, filmmaker, producer, entrepreneur and acclaimed conference keynote speaker. Trusted advisor to Fortune 500 companies, startups and media groups, helping them create data-driven content campaigns and story series. I have more than 15 years of experience in digital media and marketing strategy, content production, creative product development, OTT channel development and broadcast TV showrunning and development. Discoverer and grower of talent. Writer and manager of multi-million dollar budgets. Expert-level editor, shooter and director. Most of all, I'm a lover of creative risks, innovative production models, and making decisions based on a healthy mix of data and gut feelings. Clients include Panasonic, Aon, CSL Behring, Van Dessel, NREL, ABC, CBS, and Tribune Media.
  • Industry AdvertisingBranded EntertainmentComedyDigitalMarketingMediaTelevision
  • Sector Branded ContentOriginal ContentSeries DevelopmentStrategyTalent Development
  • Preferred Job Title CCO (Chief Content Officer)ConsultantCreative DirectorExecutive ProducerExecutive Vice PresidentHead of VideoShowrunner


I love to tell stories.

News and feature stories that hold a live audience until a meter break. Documentaries that connect on an emotional level and drive a viewer to action. Short films that make people laugh. Brand stories that are designed to change a person’s buying habits the next time they’re at the grocery store. Educational stories that drive influence. Social media pieces you won’t numbly scroll past while walking down the street.

Stories that amass views (billions to-date), while driving true success metrics like audience retention, loyalty, and conversion.

Telling these stories for media companies, for Fortune 500 brands and startups, and for myself—all while reinventing and honing video storytelling approaches in the process—has been my passion for the past 17-or-so-years.

I’ve been a showrunner, writer, executive producer, and content strategist. I’ve had the opportunity, creative freedom, and production resources to create successful live syndicated studio shows and OTT channels positioned for growth. I’ve worked in sports, entertainment, news, and comedy, and run coverage of local and national elections. My teams and I have created and produced multi-platform programming with brand integration and multiple revenue streams. I’ve recruited, developed, managed, and mentored large creative teams, working in production models I have fine-tuned over the years to produce content that can scale efficiently. I’ve taken countless creative risks that have paid off, countless that have not.

Scratching an entrepreneurial itch, I started, grew, and eventually sold Ruckus Factory Digital Studios, a high-end white label production studio and content incubator, capable of replicating scale and production quality for clients like New York Post, Yahoo, MSN, ABC, HuffPost, and Hearst Magazines.

As a show doctor and content advisor, I’ve worked with Tribune Broadcasting, NBC, ABC and Weigel Broadcasting, to either fix broken existing programming, or dream up, develop, and launch completely new show concepts—like Decades for Weigel and a series of digital-first shorts for ABC that would become their popular Localish brand.

And as a content strategist and advisor for brands, I help clients like Aon, NREL, Panasonic, CSL Behring, Crate & Barrel, Pittsburgh Airport, Whirlpool, and Dominos analyze audience data and create brand documentaries and impactful story series while training in-house writers and producers to create high-quality, story-first-brand-second content.

Regardless of the industry, the charge to me is always the same:

“Our content needs to be better. And we’re bleeding cash. Can you help?”


You’ll frequently find me keynoting at content marketing conferences and teaching a popular workshop series on … you guessed it, telling better stories.

I wear a lot of different hats but simply put, I tell stories. I’d love to help you tell yours.


  • 2017
    Ragan Consulting Group

    Head of Video & Affiliate Consultant, Marketing and Digital Strategy

    Joined Ragan Consulting Group under an affiliate consultant agreement and took on the role as Head of Video, Marketing & Digital Strategy for all clients. Work with Fortune 500 and government clients on content development in heavily-regulated industries like financial, healthcare, airline, and government research sectors. Work with clients to create in-house newsrooms and production operations that can function at scale, for lower cost. Help clients navigate tricky change-management issues that come with creative overhauls. Teach full-day, hands-on storytelling and production workshops and deliver keynote speeches on digital strategy at conferences, with average audience approval ratings of 92%. Frequently pitch (and win) large-scale consulting business, both on-the-fly after keynotes at conferences, and via competitive RFP processes. Have quickly grown a large stable of business (that continues to grow), including developing new production-centric renewable revenue lines. Clients include Aon, CSL Behring, Pittsburgh International Airport, Moffitt Cancer Center, NREL, and more.

  • 2016 - 2017
    ZMG | Ruckus Factory

    VP, Production & Creative

    Retained as VP, Creative & Production as part of the acquisition of Ruckus Factory Digital Studios by Zazoom Media Group, responsible for continued content growth and development, including O&O brands in the lifestyle, news, tech space. In charge of development and execution of all white label client relationships, including two large-scale national digital series deals with ABC, a daily custom content deal with the New York Post, and an interesting series of very successful book trailers—yes, book trailers—for the Hachette Book Group. Additionally, was responsible for the production innovation of the ZMG daily news team based in New York, servicing clients and partners like Gannett, MSN, Tronc, Time Inc. and Hearst brands. Gained significant experience creating and launching multiple OTT platform brands. Overall, content created by the ZMG | Ruckus Factory creative team netted more than 100 million monthly views.

  • 2016 - 2017
    Ruckus Factory Digital Studios

    CEO & Head of Content

    Founded a full-service production studio and content incubator, specializing in white label daily/weekly social content for clients, and original O&O digital and broadcast documentary and comedy series. Strategically grew a client roster and slate of work that attracted multiple acquisition offers within six months of founding. Closed acquisition in August 2017 to Zazoom Media Group.

  • 2015 - 2016
    Think Televisual, LLC

    Vice President, Content & Operations

    Promoted to VP, Content & Operations responsible for continued cost reduction and content growth of all THINK Televisual O&O properties. Increased broadcast footprint to syndication in nearly 80% of the country for TouchVision’s daily morning show. Additionally, was hired by CBS/Weigel Broadcasting as Executive in Charge of Production of “Through the Decades,” a daily historical reference show hosted by Bill Kurtis, airing on all CBS stations, with the TouchVision production team handling daily show production.

  • 2014 - 2015
    Think Televisual, LLC

    Head of Content & Production

    Head of content for TouchVision, a multi-platform network for the social and cause-savvy millennial viewer, producing more than an hour of social, digital, and broadcast content per day with nearly 100 staffers, freelancers, and contributors. Hired to help revamp both content and the production model, both of which were heavily flawed. After revamping content and production, increased digital metrics across all channels, including monthly uniques to TouchVision.com by 170% and time spent on site by 32%. Changes also resulted in a 4,000% increase in unpaid reach on Facebook and triple-digit unpaid subscriber growth on YouTube.

  • 2011 - 2014
    Tribune Broadcasting

    Executive Producer & Showrunner

    Promoted to Executive Producer and Showrunner responsible for relaunch and re-creation of Eye Opener as a live syndicated morning news and entertainment show, produced out of a studio in Dallas, TX. Saw immediate ratings growth and audience engagement on CW network affiliates in Philadelphia, Dallas, Houston, Miami, and Portland, with particularly engaged show sales efforts in Dallas and Houston. In 2012, developed a future-focused social media and digital syndication strategy, creating original digital content on third-party platforms that amassed more than 200 million videos per year, outpacing the company as a whole and earning enough revenue to fully fund the unit—a unicorn during that time (and now, for that matter).

  • 2010 - 2011
    Tribune Broadcasting

    Senior Producer

    Senior Producer and co-developer of the pilot phase of Eye Opener, a two-hour pre-taped daily news, comedy, and entertainment morning show. Oversaw the host casting process, field segment development, overall staff management, and created a more efficient and innovative post-production model that reduced production costs and increased staff flexibility. Also developed and honed the show’s tone and POV to better reflect initial audience research.