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My name is Jenny Bee. I’m a storyteller, motion and graphic designer, and filmmaker. I’m an enthusiastic collaborator with experience handling large corporate clients and maintaining brand integrity, while creating unique, fresh content for individuals within a company.

    For about three years, I worked at Zagat (under Google), and I made the bulk of the animations currently on their YouTube channel. I was responsible for branding a number of these animated series, the creation and Photoshopping of their assets, and the animation of the pieces themselves. Working in concert with video producers and YouTube personalities, I had to create animations and stills that reflected everyone’s creative visions, while still maintaining brand integrity. One such series is Foodtripping with Molly, a series about a girl who travels through the US and tries unusual regional food. After noticing how commentors on Youtube had very polarized reactions to her, I decided to lean into it and make graphics that highlighted Molly’s quirkiness. The haters could hate, they’d just get us more views anyway, and the people who loved Molly would be enthusiastic about it. Sure enough, the videos really took off. The show went on to be nominated for a webby, up against Netflix’s Chef’s Table (which is unfair because, come on, Chef’s Table? Like anybody stands a chance against CHEF’S TABLE).

    I have an MFA in Visual Narrative from the School of Visual Arts, a degree in story and narrative, with a visual arts component. My thesis project was a 20 minute mockumentary set in an art school, centering around the trials and tribulations of collaboration and two art students who have an animated ‘80s movie in common. The film itself was an undertaking, the whole project overseen by only me and a crew of three other women. I had to wear a lot of hats and edited the entire piece myself in addition to writing and directing it. It was a tight ship, but one that had an emphasis on openness and creative exchange with every team member. It was important for every crew member and actor to feel like their input mattered, regardless of seniority on set. My actors, crew, and I are still all friends because of that environment.

    At this point I’m completely fluent in the Adobe Creative Suite, with most of my work getting done in Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, and After Effects. My undergrad was in Graphic Design, and it was a typography-centric program, so I know my type well.

Overall, I’m a friendly team-player who’s eager to collaborate, who can get several things done at once, and who has the graphic design skills necessary to express the vision of any team.

Sincerely, Jenny
  • Sector Art DirectionFilm ProductionSeries DevelopmentOriginal Content
  • Preferred Job Title FilmmakerGfx DesignerScreenwriterEditorDirector


  • 2011
    Jenny Bee Presents

    Freelance Motion and Graphic Design

    • SCHOOL OF VISUAL ARTS - VISUAL NARRATIVE DEPARTMENT - Branded thesis class\'s and of the year gallery show. Designed the informational booklet zine and supplementary print materials for the Story Of/ Narrative hackathon, ensuring they were set up for riso-printing. Currently branding its thesis exhibition. • DYKES, CAMERA, ACTION!- Motion graphics, consultation, and animation for the award-winning documentary on lesbian film history, which has been screening internationally at such festivals as Outfest, • TRAVELS OF BABAR - Animated pieces of the slideshow using Keynote for a multi-media orchestral adaptation of Jean de Brunhoff\'s \"Travels of Babar\", written by Raphael Mostel and performed by the Berlin Philharmonic. The piece came to New York and was written about in the New York Times in the \"7 Things to Do With Your Kids in N.Y.C. This Weekend\" column. • BACK ROADS ENTERTAINMENT - Designed and animated motion graphics to appear on season 2 of DIY Network\'s show, Lake Life. Researched media, edited content photos, arranged assets, and set type for on-air graphics for MTV2\'s TV show, Joking Off. • FREDERATOR - Completed a compendium of Youtube creators for head of company, Fred Seibert • FREDERATOR BOOKS - Designed the covers to the Bravest Warriors novella series, “Strange Dog in a Strange Land”. • DOM & TOM - Some layout design and component arranging for a Coca Cola KOadland Express app. • PURCHASE COLLEGE DESIGN / TECHNOLOGY SHOWCASE - Designed postcard for end-of-the-year show for the Design/Technology showcase, in addition to coordinating with clients and printers. • KATONAH ART CENTER - Designed the logo for its yoga program. • THIRTY LABS - Some video trimming and compilation.

  • 2017 - 2018
    Negative Space


    • Wrote and directed the mockumentary film • Was responsible for casting, wardrobe, art direction. • Storyboarded, edited, and did motion design for the 20-minute film. • Coordinated team of producers, improv actors, and sound recordists

  • 2015 - 2018

    Freelance Motion Designer

    • Designed and animated motion graphics for Zagat’s Youtube channel presence (including online webseries as well as their motion graphic branding on Youtube), as well as thumbnails. Such pieces include the webby-nominated series, \"Foodtripping with Molly\". • Coordinated with producers to create cohesive animations and revisions. • Designed thumbnails for all Zagat videos. • Created animations for Google newsletter. • Last-minute animation jobs for Google Translate, often with a turnaround time of 3-hours or so.

  • 2014 - 2015

    Books and Network Intern

    • Generated original content based off of Frederator franchises (eg. Bravest Warriors, Bee and Puppycat) for connection to the fanbase via social media; in some cases, increasing the percentage of likes by 159.75%, under the supervision of the Social Media Coordinator and Director of Marketing, Publicity, & Licensing • Devised and created original motion graphics for Frederator’s Youtube channels, Cartoon Hangover, Channel Frederator, and Fredbot, under the supervision of the Video Editor and Producer • Input data on vital spreadsheets, using Google Docs and Microsoft Excel • Assisted in event execution, fielding questions and promoting the brand at high-profile events, such as the Bee & Puppycat premiere at Youtube • Created artistic centerpieces and cake-pop displays for the Bee & Puppycat premiere at Youtube • Created art pieces using Frederator Book franchises (eg. Bravest Warriors, Roberto Roboto, Camp Bad Guy) for connection to the fanbase via social media, which in some cases, increased fan engagement by as much as 122.5% • Constructed and implemented various social media campaigns and strategies to promote Frederator Books, oversaw scheduling of said campaigns and strategies (via Google Drive), and managed the brand\'s social media accounts, all under the supervision of the Publishing Director at Frederator Books

  • 2013 - 2014
    Dom & Tom

    Design Intern

    • Created diagrams, wireframes, look & feel options, and final designs for a variety of websites, as well as tablet and mobile applications. • Simulated app interactions and animations using After Effects for such companies as Seventeen Magazine, Lucktastic, and Dom & Tom • Collaborated with senior designers and developers • Brainstormed logos, many of which became the basis for final designs, such as Lucktastic • Wrote conversation matrices for the social media of companies such as Tyson Meat • Created social media artwork (cover photos, etc) and devised Pinterest campaigns for companies such as Tyson Meat • Selected and made decisions on the purchase of stock photography and made subsequent purchases 

  • 2008 - 2017
    Katonah Art Center


    •Taught classes in Adobe After Effects, Illustrator, Photoshop, cartooning, and narrative illustration. •Created weekly lesson-plans during the school-year, and daily lesson-plans during annual summer camps, as well as private-lessons. •Worked with students aged from Pre-K to adulthood. •Oversaw teaching assistants to my classes, and occasionally served as an assistant to other classes as well. •Administrative work, such as scheduling, cold-calling, filing, and invoicing.