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To Whom It May Concern: I believe my two decades of experience reporting on the federal and state court system and government would prove invaluable to your media outlet in delivering deeply reported stories, quick breaking news and human interest pieces. As such, I am applying for the position of reporter. As a reporter and editor for publications such as The New York Times, New York Daily News and New York Post, I have a proven track record for cultivating sources in the state and federal courts, while maneuvering on the ground to get the story. I have been recognized numerous times for my ability to dig through documents and bring stories to life with interviews. I’ve also expanded my journalistic skills in recent years to include multimedia, video and photography as a digital editor on the award-winning website DNAinfo.com. I’ve always tried to push the envelope when it comes to newsgathering. In New Jersey and New York, I’ve argued for access to information, both in the courts and from increasingly closed off government bodies. I successfully petitioned the federal court for the release of the plea agreement for Najibullah Zazi, a Queens man who admitted to plotting to bomb the New York subway. I have secured entire criminal justice databases from the New York court system and even have the honor of being named one of the FBI’s most persistent FOIA requesters. I recently won three separate journalism awards for my reporting on New York City child welfare issues. My ability to find and report out enterprise stories is matched by my experience as a spot news reporter. I am living proof of the interdependency of each on the other. Reporting crimes and the fallout of political scandals in New York and New Jersey has often had me knocking on many more doors than my colleagues, and honed my ability to find unique angles in one of the most competitive news environments in the world. I was similarly diligent as a court reporter. At the end of the day there wasn’t a filing on PACER that I had not clicked on. While many of my cohort are increasingly looking for positions behind a desk, I find myself itching to get in front of the story. I hope you will consider me for the position. Yours sincerely, Janon Fisher
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