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To Any and All, The media/entertainment industry is going through a once-in-a-generation regeneration. The swings from linear to streaming, and from advertising-dominant to subscription-dominant have accelerated enormously in the past year, and continue to pick up steam. Covid has hastened these metamorphoses, but these changes have been gathering steam for years. Despite the fast-shifting sands underneath our ecosystem, and the undeniable tumult they have spawned, I see enormous opportunity for those willing to embrace the changes and lean into the new paradigm of the Portal Era. Beyond the crises of 2020, many leaders and thinkers primarily look to advances in technology as THE reason for the transformation of our business. This is narrow-minded. Technology is a symptom, not a cause. The evolution of our audiences (and the sizable differences in their points of view), from predominantly Gen X and Boomers, to majority Generations Y and Z, is THE core cause of the transformation in the kinds of entertainment the world consumes, and the manner in which it accesses it. These two are the most diverse, and complicated, generations in the history of the industrialized world. The failure of many (if not most) major media companies to fully understand these powerful, multifarious generations, and how to satisfy, speak to and manage them, is central to the industry’s inability to get out ahead of the trends now upending their key businesses. Over the last 30 years, I have worked in media, entertainment and education, creating distinctive content, building iconic brands, teaching thousands of students and young executives, leading a charge for diversity and inclusion in media, and pushing for change in our industry, as an executive, producer, board member, professor, writer and thought leader. As Board Chair of The Ghetto Film School and Co-Founder of One Day Immersion, and as a writer, speaker and thought leader, for decades I have spent substantial time, energy and personal capital on pushing the entertainment community to increase opportunity, access and inclusion for those who have been historically under-represented on and behind the camera. As a producer and executive, my efforts have resulted in ground-breaking projects in film, television and podcasting, giving platforms to new, original and diverse voices. My work has resulted in awards, critical acclaim, and, most importantly, a strong and diverse community of collaborators, across the spectrum of disciplines in the for-profit and non-profit spheres. I am an Golden Globe, Emmy and Peabody Award winner, having produced or created more than 150 television series, specials, documentaries and podcasts, including Portlandia, Comedy Bang Bang, Maron, National Lampoon Radio Hour Podcast, The Roast Of Your Teenage Self, Dinner For Five, Please Like Me, Take My Wife, Bajillion Dollar Propertie$, Shrink, Trapped In The Closet, Harmonquest, Laurie Kilmartin’s 45 Jokes About My Dead Dad, Doug Stanhope’s No Place Like Home, Jospeh Gordon Leavitt’s HitRecord, Fortitude, Carlos, My Brother My Brother & Me, Brick City, This Film Is Not Yet Rated, and Funny Women of A Certain Age. I am also a Professor for TV and Media at NYU/Stern School Of Business and of Media Studies at Fordham University’s Gabelli School Of Business; a guest speaker for conferences and universities; and a frequent guest writer for publishers such as Huffington Post, Deadline and The Wrap. I also publish a popular feed, daily on LinkedIn. I have made some rather bold predictions about the future of the media and entertainment industry, many of which have come to fruition. I also speak to companies, trade organizations and government agencies about Generation Y and Generation Z. The next generation of artists, audiences, donors and sponsors have all demonstrated a willingness to shift loyalties quickly. To attract the hearts, minds, artists and investment needed to conquer the new normal in media, it is not enough to keep pace with changes in the environment. An organization who wants to compete in the public discourse, must aspire to help set that pace. My experiences, my lifelong dedication to championing diverse voices of all generations in media, and to pushing for a more inclusive entertainment community, I believe, give me a singular point of view, which can serve the culture of numerous companies in the decade ahead. I have managed diverse teams, small and large, and have helped established organizations find and create the change needed to evolve. At IFC and Sundance, I planned and oversaw their growth from movie channels with no original programming, into thriving content platforms. At The Public Theater, I helped reestablish one of the most important brands in American Theater. At Ghetto Film School, I oversaw an evolution from a storefront in the Bronx, to a recognized leader of diversity and inclusion in the entertainment industry. Each required different types of leadership, designed for specific goals, and around the specific talents of unique teams. I would love to discuss bringing my diversity of experience and knowledge to your company and appreciate the opportunity to be considered. To that end, I my current CV can be found in my profile. Thank you, Evan Shapiro
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