About emcgui20

Hello, I am pleased to apply for your Post Production Position. I am definitely an asset that you will find nowhere else, having a wide variety of experience, and a unique blend of post and production experience. I have most recently been responsible for an entire team of 25 post professionals for a digital company, overseeing schedules, deliverables, budgets and hiring. I was quickly promoted to head of the department when my previous boss quit. I oversaw an entire AE team’s turnover. We produced 45 pieces of digital content weekly and I have been put in charge of delivering it all through Slack, Trello, Asana, AirTable and detailed calendars. I have worked to improve communication and workflow in the department and in the company as a whole. My presentations and fact finding eventually lead to company wide initiatives.  At Crazy Legs Productions, I was responsible for overseeing post production on multiple television shows, pilots, and brand deals, usually at the same time. This included organizing and executing all deliverables, coordinating with production, and coordinating with the client - the Network. I also created editor schedules, sourced footage, helped assign AEs to editor's needs, oversaw lunches for the staff (no job too big or too small). I managed interns, hired staff and brainstorm to find solutions to problems in my department including implementing changes to our productions to make post smoother. I helped structure a brand new post department after my boss left five days after I was hired.  I learned fast and we produced some great shows - on schedule! My ability to deal with pressure and multi-task with a positive and flexible attitude is part of who I am. I'm a proactive team member who can also work independently. As an ambitious go-getter, I am looking for a place where I can make a difference and be a part of a stellar team. Thank you I look forward to discussing the position with you further. Go Post! Yours sincerely, Emily McGuiness
  • Sector Post Production
  • Preferred Job Title Post Production Supervisor