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To Whom It May Concern, My name is Dave Siegel. For the majority of the last  decade, I have worked as a writer/producer for CNN.  For the bulk of that time I worked for host Don Lemon on the staff of ‘CNN Tonight.’  Having been there since the show’s launch and in the current landscape of ever-changing news programming, I am proud to say that this show is still on-the-air today. I would like to think that as the original sole writer, I have played at least a small role in its success and growing audience both online and in viewership. My most recent role recent role at CNN was as a Digital Producer for the live Facebook Watch program 'Anderson Cooper, Full Circle.'  It was here that attained the skills and knowledge I felt were required to be relevant in the modern news world.   Our show was formatted both physically and content-wise for cell phone viewership, each episode lasting and average of ten to 15 minutes, complete with live viewer social media engagement. From CNN, I took my first managerial role, leading a team as the Producer of A&E's non-scripted program, 'Live Rescue.'   I am proud to say, that this show was a regular staple as the number #1 rated program on cable television for its time-slot. My background, however, is in comedy.   Many people ask me how a comedy writer got a job with CNN as it is certainly an unorthodox route to news writing and producing.  In 2012, Erin Burnett's show 'OutFront' was launching.  They were toying with the idea of producing Daily Show-esque segments that would point out the absurdity in news and world events.  Around this time, I was independently producing this kind of content at the time.  Specifically, an original YouTube series that I created garnered over 50 million views on social media, earning me an interview. From that point, my profession was news writer/producer but I have continued my passion for creating original content, more of which you can see in my attitude portfolio. I believe my experiences working in the pressure filled newsroom environment, combined with my passion for independent producing, gives me a unique skill-set particularly pertinent to this position. I would love to hear more about the role and would enjoy the opportunity to tell you more about my applicable experience. Sincerely, Dave Siegel
  • Sector Corporate CommunicationsOriginal Content
  • Preferred Job Title WriterProducerSenior Producer


  • 2019
    Big Fish Entertainment

    Senior Producer, A&E's Live Rescue

    Senior Producer for A&E\'s \'Live Rescue,\' a Big Fish Entertainment; recruited to lead production of this weekly two-hour cable program. Managed a team with accountability in all aspects of production including generating originally programming, guest booking, overseeing editing, script writing and liaising with host and panelists.    

  • 2018 - 2019

    Writer/Producer, Anderson Cooper Full Circle

    Writer and Digital Producer of live streaming \'Facebook Watch\' program hosted by Anderson Cooper, garnering thousands of viewers/users per episode; duties including story and guest pitching, research and fact-checking, engaging with users via \'VidPresso\' to incorporate live interactive aspects of the program, and overseeing associate producers in order to broadcast best possible live product under tight nightly deadlines.

  • 2018 - 2018

    Writer/Producer, Unfiltered with SE Cupp

    Segment producer for daily program airing on HLN, weekly on CNN; responsible for anchor copy, research, pre-interviews, guest and segment pitching.   Manager of a team of associate producers and graphics designers with the collaborative goal of coalescing segments of the highest editorial of aesthetic quality. 

  • 2013 - 2017

    Writer, CNN Tonight with Don Lemon

    Writer on the staff of \'CNN Tonight,\' hosted by Don Lemon from the show\'s 2013 launch; Writer of anchor copy, teases, live banner and interview questions.  Researched, produced and prepared segments for news on the national level. Met daily deadlines to provide accurate, timely, and credible news pieces while always representing the CNN brand of integrity in news delivery.