About Connie

To Whom It May Concern, My name is Connie Chen and I was an Image & Sound Intern at CNN under WarnerMedia at NYC. I am writing to apply for the role as a graphic designer or web designer. As an experienced graphic designer, web designer, and editor, I have spent my last three years creating digital content established educational facilities such as NYU and Hunter College – CUNY. I believe that with my current experience at the mentioned facilities and my recent internship at CNN, my skills make me a strong candidate to satisfy the requirements of the role of graphic designer or web designer. My experience at Hunter College’s Film & Media Department as a Graphic Design & Web Content Intern allowed me to grow more adept with my creative skills. With a wide range of experience, I have designed graphics such as banners and poster for campus events. This role taught me the necessary skills to analyze graphics properly and make the correct decisions on details. I have produced my work on Photoshop, Illustrator, AfterEffects and updated the web content on WordPress. At NYU’s Institute of Human Development & Social Change, I continued to create digital content but this time as a Web Designer. I designed the new website for their Infant Action Lab on Wix and it allowed me to gain the necessary communication and teamwork skills. Working with the lab employees and the head professor of the lab, it gave me the experience that equipped me to be able to handle client requests and communicate fluently. With my most current role as an Image & Sound Intern at CNN, I was able to edit news packages and elements for air. Working on Adobe Premiere for editing and Adobe AfterEffects for gfx edits, I put together a packages for air with the guidance of my manager and team. I believe that with my current experience within the Image & Sound Department at CNN, my creative vision and skills would make me a suitable match for this job. With my creative skills and vision, I believe that I am equipped well to take on the tasks this job demands. I welcome the opportunity to discuss with you my skills and strengths that can best serve the company. I am reachable at 646.515.7129 or by my email at Connie.Chen660@gmail.com Sincerely, Connie Chen
  • Sector Web DevelopmentFilm ProductionSocial MediaPost Production
  • Preferred Job Title Gfx DesignerWeb Developer


  • 2020
    NYU Institute of Human Development & Social Change

    Freelance Web Designer

    - Overhauled the original outdated website for NYU Infant Action Lab and re-imagined a new modern design through Wix. - Re-designed old graphics through Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. - Revamped the website with PDF files linking to the new publications published by those involved within the Infant Action Lab. - Collaborated with NYU Infant Action Lab research staff to discuss the desired final site, communicated through Zoom conference calls with the Julius Silver Professor of Psychology and Neural Science (professor of the lab) for approval of the changes. - Designed mobile site for lab for easy navigation on any mobile devices through Wix’s software.

  • 2021 - 2021
    CNN WarnerMedia

    Image & Sound Intern

    - Cut highlights from an archive of previously aired CNN shows for the new CNN Image & Sound Sizzle Reel. - Aired gfx edits created on Adobe AfterEffects for \"Outfront with Erin Burnett\" show with tight deadlines. - Created soundbites, vo, stillstring, and donut edits for Anderson Cooper 360, Chris Cuomo Primetime, Fareed Zakaria GPS, HLN, and Outfront with Erin Burnett based on the requests of producers. - Edited practice packages on Adobe Premiere for CNN Primetime and Don Lemon. - Designed a graphic email template for CNN\'s LINK\'s weekly email blasts and wrote an article on Covid-19 at the Tokyo Olympics 2020 for the website.

  • 2019 - 2021
    Hunter College Dept. of Film & Media

    Graphic Design & Web Content Techtern

    - Produced content and graphics through Adobe Creative Suite applications such as Photoshop and Illustrator, updating the Hunter College Film & Media website regularly with completed content. - Aided the Senior Web Development CLT in moderating all media events within the department by creating sliders and posters to display throughout campus. - Updated the Film & Media Department website consistently with new posts from the updated monthly Department newsletter through WordPress. - Gained detail-oriented and leadership skills while taking the lead with the production of graphics for media related events hosted by the department. - Coded with HTML and CSS for Film & Media undergraduate showcase website to produce a functionable webpage.

  • 2019 - 2021
    Hunter College Dept. of FIlm & Media

    Studio Production Techtern

    - Interned at Film & Media Department’s Studio, acting as tech support for the department professors and students by getting called in to troubleshoot equipment malfunctions in the lecture halls. - Assisted the Chief Digital Media CLT and Production Coordinator with any issues that arise within the department including scheduling, reserving the studio for students, and providing professors with the necessary equipment for their lectures. - Managed of the loaning and returning of media equipment to students and professors within the Film & Media Department. - Partnered with fellow Studio Technician Interns (Techterns) to prepare for all media events for professors involved, such as setting up mics and preparing the theatre for the audience. - Re-constructed and improved a new minimalistic yet dynamic logo for the Techfellows.


  • Hunter College

    Media Studies Major

    Graduated with a GPA of 3.5 in June 2021 with a Bachelor of Arts degree