About Chetwode58

In the media business, like all others I’m sure, people are plugged into categories.  He or she is a “creative type” or “tech savvy.”  “Maybe not a big idea type but they can make the trains run on time.”  I’ve always hated that type of pigeon-hole approach because I think it’s largely akin to calling someone who wears sweaters “that sweater guy.”  Look deeper and there’s a good chance another layer or two exists underneath that complicates the labeling process.  In all honesty, I’ve always resisted being designated one thing or the other which is why my all-time favorite label attached to me and my career is “enigma.”  That description came a few years ago from a somewhat exasperated corporate executive trying to figure out where I would best fit inside his company.  He told me he just couldn’t understand how I could be creative and strategic or care so deeply about new ideas AND the ability to monetize and control costs.  He kept asking me, “so do you want to be a producer or a general manager?”  My answer – “both” – confounded.   Truthfully, I love it all.  From the creative brainstorm that yields the best idea to the strategy developed to implement it and everything in between.  Thankfully, over my multiple decades in the business I’ve been uniquely blessed with the opportunity to participate in projects and challenges of all shapes, sizes, and paths of distribution.  From local television and digital content to network programming, syndication, radio, and OTT.  I’ve done it, succeeded, and loved every minute of it.  
  • Sector DevelopmentOperationsOriginal ContentPeopleSocial MediaTalent DevelopmentAudience DevelopmentCorporate ConsultingProduct DevelopmentSocial ImpactStrategyUser Experience
  • Preferred Job Title CCO (Chief Content Officer)CEO (Chief Executive Officer)CIO (Chief Innovation Officer)CSO (Chief Strategic Officer)Executive Vice PresidentExecutive ProducerGeneral ManagerHead of Original ProgrammingManaging DirectorSenior Vice PresidentVice PresidentBoard Director