About canzaniello

Dear Hiring Manager:   I am interested in speaking with you regarding a position with your company. My track record of successful filming/videography and the ability to develop creative concepts for advertising will enable me to make a significant contribution to your organization.   Having been thoroughly trained as a Preditor/videographer, I believe that I can handle most complex video coverage projects, paying special attention to composition, subject matters and quality of captured videos.   Here are just some of the qualifications that I possess in this area:  
  • Well-versed in filming, shooting and producing video and photo content for a huge variety of subjects.
  • Highly competent in strategizing and aligning digital and brand teams to identify content needed to support videography plans.
  • Expert insight of video production and design, aimed at working on the “big picture theory”.
  • Exceptionally talented in developing original concepts and designs while seeing multiple projects to fruition.
  My record is one of great responsibility, dedication, and solid achievements. I am confident that my background and abilities could make a valuable contribution to your company.   Should any questions arise regarding the information on my résumé, please do not hesitate to contact me. I look forward to hearing from you in the near future.     Sincerely, George Canzaniello
  • Industry Branded EntertainmentComedyDigitalFilmLegalMediaMusicTelevisionPhotographyVisual Arts
  • Sector Post ProductionFilm Production
  • Preferred Job Title Director Of MediaEditorFilmmakerHead of VideoHead of Video ProductionPost Production SupervisorProducer
  • Companies Boys In A Tub Productions, One Eye Filmworks, Consolidated Edison


  • 2009 - 2019
    One Eye Filmworks

    CEO-Video Production Specialist

    Edit high quality long-form and short-form videos for clients • Fulfill key tasks, such as ingesting and exporting content to various codex for several platforms; organizing content and Develope metadata; editing social first video content, and creating content for client with brand, voice, and feel in mind • Effectively function as producer, director, editor, and cinematographer for the following: − Live event shoots; − Feature documentary still in post-production: Under the Radar; − Commercial for car dealership in New York Car King; − Athlete bio documentary: Forward Center for GPS Inc. −Film interviews • Carry out editing • Edite feature Films • Offer videography services for weddings and other live events • Created schedule for shoot dates, locations, call sheets, and proper permit applications

  • 2014 - 2019
    Actor Cutting Productions

    Director of special and visual effects

    Develop and direct special and visual effects for the company • Supervise cast and crew for visual effects scenes • Serve as director of photography and lighting for multiple visual effects scenes • Produce and implement programming elements by collaborating with different departments and personnel • Accomplish all post-production responsibilities, encompassing quality assurance reviews, video editing, and graphic creation • Generate concepts and online content to establish brand • Administer complex problems that impacted producers and project direction • Apply skills in producing and editing promos, trailer, teasers, and sizzle reels for show • Capitalize on industry expertise in developing award winning visual and special effects • Communicate with producers and director to edit footage and meet their vision • Deal with editing various films through the use of Adobe Premier Pro, After Effects, Photoshop, and Final Cut Pro X • Administer sound design for special effect scenes as well as color correction, and audio mixing

  • 2006 - 2018
    Consolidated Edison New York

    Specialist Record Searcher/witness

    Attended depositions and trials regarding internal records and official New York City records • Conducted investigation on internal records, databases, and official NYC resources to support company litigation • Took charge of summarizing investigation results for evidence as well as Legal Department analysis, litigation tracking, and case management responsibilities • Brought millions of dollar savings


  • Full Sail University

    BAS-Digital Cinematography and filmmaking - 2017

    Received my BAS in 2017. The courses ranged from budgeting, scheduling to story telling, cinematography and editing. The degree covered most phases of production from pre-prod to post, and even distribution.

  • New York Film Academy

    Certification - Digital Video Production - 2006

    The certificate from NYFA was a 12 week evening intensive that covered everything from lighting to the final edit. Working in teams, each member of a 4 person team had the opportunity to, direct, produce, film and edit projects.