About Astra Dorf

  • Industry Media
  • Sector Business Development
  • Preferred Job Title Entrepreneur
  • Companies Astra Reps



For 24 years Astra Dorf has been a key player in the worlds of entertainment media, design, production and more recently digital & social transformation.
She began her PR/Marketing career at Lee Hunt Associates, one of America’s leading entertainment branding agencies, specializing in tv network launches, design and brand strategy.  Astra promoted LHA’s award winning talent through the industry via press, events, international conferences, etc. LHA was acquired by Razorfish in 1999, she continued to focus on the broadcast/media & entertainment vertical (NY/LA/UK) until 2001. Clients included NBC, PBS, Arte, etc.

Astra then took some time to get grounded, get certified in Yoga (Vinyaysa) at Laughing Lotus and launched a freelance lifestyle PR Agency: Astra Logicals. A few years later she was lured back into the industry by a colleague focusing on Business Development for a well known design & production co. In 2008 Astra took more than a decade of relationships on the road declaring independence and launched Astra Reps: for a new era in entertainment.  She represented several award winning creative companies such as: Mod Op, 99 Tigers, Oishii Creative, LAIR and more.

In 2015 she joined Mod Op internally as their Director of Business Development.

Today Astra continues to leverage her years of experience, networking skills, and her famous joie de vivre to stay attuned to what’s happening in the industry and make connections. Some clients include NBCU, HULU, Urban One, Viacom and many more. Astra loves connecting clients’ business goals with the talent & expertise of her current family of companies!

Astra lives with her daughter in WaHi, NYC and enjoys yoga, laughs, music/art/culture, travel and 

creating possibilities!