About andreaskatsambas

Dear Hiring Manager: Please accept this letter and enclosed resume as my application for this great opportunity. As an accomplished and engaging entrepreneurial executive, I have vast experience in the global industry, creating international media business models, and strategically leading numerous clients to top 10 charts in over 30 countries. Further, as the Executive Vice President, Latin America & Canada for BMG, I developed market entry strategies for multiple countries, pioneered multimillion-dollar companies, and executed more than 500 projects to international markets. I deploy best practice standards globally to establish cohesive partnerships, deliver operational excellence, increase profits, and uncover opportunities for success. In addition, I coordinate public relations and marketing efforts, recruit high-performing teams, and ensure procedural implementation.  Please allow me to highlight some additional accomplishments:
  • Pioneered market entry strategies and management of over 200 new and existing clients across Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, and Columbia. 
  • Maximized publicity for every client; scheduled television interviews, promoted songs on radio stations, Amazon, YouTube, Spotify, and other social media platforms; coordinated successful digital media campaigns. 
  • Secured global marketing campaigns for international clients; increased sales up to 60% over two years and positioned BMG in multiple markets.
  • Signed popular musical clients, managed e-commerce business, and traveled internationally to identify potential market opportunities. 
Recognized for my leadership ability, resourcefulness, accountability, and efficiency, I will deliver exceptional services while maintaining the company’s value proposition. With a strong work ethic and commitment to personal and organizational success, I provide solid and quantifiable results on time and on budget. I look forward to discussing how my skills and experience will contribute to your needs. Sincerely, Andreas Katsambas +1 (212) 812-1108 andreas@katsambas.com    
  • Sector Corporate DevelopmentBusiness DevelopmentGrowth MarketingMusic MarketingStrategic PartnershipsStrategy
  • Preferred Job Title Board DirectorCEO (Chief Executive Officer)CSO (Chief Strategic Officer)Executive Vice PresidentPresidentSenior Vice President


  • 2019 - 2021


    Executed market entry strategies into Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, and Colombia for international company. Pioneered management of over 200 new and existing clients across the markets. Created marketing and finance plans, coordinated events and promotions, scheduled television interviews for clients, and promoted projects on radio stations, and social media platforms. Oversaw daily operations, sales growth, marketing efforts, information technology strategies, and invoicing. Assessed strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT), and identified revenue generation opportunities. Cultivated relationships with individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds to better understand different markets. Created scalable tools and maintained volume of projects without sacrificing productivity and sales. Managed multimillion-dollar budget and 4 teams of direct reports in New York, Canada, and Latin America. - Conducted high level meetings; with CEOs and Senior Executives in top media companies to maximize opportunities for every artist. - Enabled selections to reach Top 10 charts in over 30 countries. - Coordinated tours and album launches tailored to meet every artist’s unique talents (average active cycle 12- 18 months each). - Traveled globally, nurtured relationships, and evaluated markets to identify prospective partners. - Educated leadership on marketing prospects for artists with global appeal. - Recruited public relations representatives to promote artists in print and social media formats - Hired over 20 employees in two years. Located appropriate office space to launch market penetration process. - Established and implemented effective procedures in different localities.

  • 2017 - 2019


    Initiated international division for North America; directed all operations for artists entering US market and launched publicity efforts for domestic artists expanding overseas. Coordinated online marketing, promotional tours, and TV spots for releases. Partnered with external vendors for digital campaigns, radio promotions, and publication advertisements. Contacted all international BMG offices to facilitate releases from US artists. Recruited all division employees and scripted job descriptions. Trained and mentored teams to fully understand industry, study analytics, and calculate projections. Grew division to 12 staff and managed budget. - Grew sales by 100% in first and second year. - Achieved 7 figures in sales year-over-year. - Authored marketing plans for artists, and created templates and standard operating procedures (SOP). - Secured and strengthened global marketing campaigns for various artists. - Managed 300 releases and strengthened company’s global presence. - Signed The Zombies; 2019 inductee to Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

  • 2001 - 2017
    The End Records


    Founded records label; provided ongoing administrative and business development support to emerging clients. Designed and executed marketing and public relations campaigns, designed marketing material, and handled all social media campaigns and digital marketing. Oversaw sales, managed clients, accounting, analytics, and budget. Monitored growth and scalability and created SOPs. Recruited 35 employees, trained, and mentored staff. - Oversaw all strategies with clients. - Designed, created and manufactured product. - Signed popular clients, including the Lemonheads, Prodigy, and Juliette Lewis. - Negotiated and signed a distribution deal from Sony Music Entertainment in 2004 and - Negotiated and signed a distribution deal from Warner Music Group in 2011. - Featured in Fortune Magazine; highlighted company’s growth and success. - Released over 200 projects and led 10 clients that reached number 1 on mainstream radio, and on Indie and Billboard charts. - Generated 7 figures in annual sales during last 3 years. - Prepared company for sale strategy and successfully integrated assets to BMG. - Created an e-commerce business concurrently with role for ancillary revenue. - Manufactured product and sold to stores nationally. - Designed e-commerce store, sold product, and coordinated packaging and shipping. - Digital marketing campaigns for all new projects, and clients. - Handled customer campaigns, reports & analytics, and accounting.