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Customized for every role, but here's an example: I have a long history of building audiences out of nothing. An experienced community and audience development lead based in New York, I have a strong and diverse background in both media and technology companies, and understand what draws people to read, view, or listen, and return again and again.    As I have begun to engage with WaitWhat’s properties, I see something wholly new - which is evident by the fact that each is profitable and popular, no mean feat in the crowded media industry. You’re creating your niches instead of trying to shoehorn in, replicating the same business model that has proven to serve online properties poorly.   At The Daily Dot, I was brought in to do three things: stop the traffic decline, diversify traffic sources, and increase traffic. In less than six months, I had achieved all three and was continuing to build partnerships across the industry, including then-nascent Flipboard and SmartNews.   At The Journal News, I launched the TV blog and turned it into the most-trafficked non-sports blog on the site. I also built a local news blog that outstripped the traffic to our neighboring county’s blog, despite their having three times our staff, population, and coverage area.   I’m never satisfied with the usual suspects - there is more to building an audience than slapping a story on Facebook and Tweeting it out. New platforms crop up all the time, and I never shy from trying them out. I test, measure, and adapt as needed.   An analytics nerd to my core, I’ll dive deep into Google Analytics, ChartBeat and anywhere else that helps me sort out what’s working - and then I’ll set out to determine why it is or isn’t working and replicate the successes.   I see in WaitWhat the opportunity to test all my skills and develop new ones - there are always (always!) new ways to draw in audiences and my greatest joy is finding and engaging them.   I would love to bring my skills, knowledge and enthusiasm to WaitWhat and help you find your audiences - everywhere they may be. I look forward to speaking with you.   Thank you, Amy Vernon
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  • Preferred Job Title CCO (Chief Content Officer)CDO (Chief Digital Officer)Editor in ChiefEditorManaging Director