About Alvaro@moncada.com

Dear Sir/s I offer 20+ years of experience in Digital Media product design, production, and sales in markets all over the world, and I have been following and leading the transformations that those markets and clients are going through and will have to go through in order to compete in an already digital world. For the last 10 years, through my small consulting boutique I have been able to lead DT processes in several companies in the U.S. and Latin America both as a consultant and as an interim employee (CEO, and Chief Transformation Officer), and over the years I have developed a methodology that is industry agnostic and that is based in my own experience but also in what the big players like Deloitte and McKinsey are doing in DT. I am currently trying to leave my consulting practice and go back to the corporate world because after 10 (wonderful) years of many learnings, I really want to be an active part of something bigger than I have ever been able to do by myself. Most of my past clients were either in the U.S. Hispanic or Latin American markets, but I am absolutely open to change that.
  • Sector Corporate ConsultingCorporate DevelopmentInvestment BankingAcquisition MarketingAudience DevelopmentBranded EntertainmentGrowth MarketingIntegrated MarketingOperationsProduct ManagementStrategy
  • Preferred Job Title Board MemberBoard DirectorCCO (Chief Content Officer)CDO (Chief Digital Officer)CEO (Chief Executive Officer)