XXX X, 2019 To Whom It May Concern: The XX new job posting for a XX looks like a great opportunity. I am excited to apply today. After reviewing the job responsibilities, qualifications/requirements and desired characteristics, and comparing it with my background, here are the three main reasons I believe I am a highly qualified candidate. 1. The position calls for at least XX years of experience, with at least XX years managing staff during development and production. I have spent most of my career in video production, including more than 10 years in the digital domain. XX also needs someone who can oversee delivery of content across all platforms. This is something I have done on a regular basis for many years. You are also looking for a person with a passion for storytelling in a creative and innovative manner. This defines me! 2. XX is looking for someone who can work in a fast-paced, high-pressure environment while maintaining strong editorial judgment. You also need someone who loves the intensity of a 24-hour/7-day news cycle and the feeling of working in collaboration toward a common goal. I have done all of this for one-off programs, series and digital content. I excel at creating and implementing well-designed systems. I can prepare and oversee schedules and budgets, as well as handle all the vital logistics those responsibilities require. 3. The XX position you are hiring for requires strong management of a broad set of concurrent tasks, under deadline and budget pressure. I have honed all of these skills during my career, as my experience shows, and I think they will come together in a way that will help XX succeed and allow me to make the most of the role. Not only am I a great fit for this position, but I am passionate about leading, collaborating and mentoring, as well as storytelling, and we all know people who not only excel at their jobs, but enjoy their jobs as well, are the most successful. I would love to be part of the XX team and am eager to discuss all of this with you further. Sincerely, Ainslie Binder 159 Maple Street Brooklyn, NY 11225
  • Industry Television
  • Sector Original Content
  • Preferred Job Title Supervising Producer
  • Companies PBS, ABC News, NBC News,


Innovative Executive Producer with 10+ years of experience in digital media, news, documentary development and production. Proven ability to generate new ideas and translate them into high-quality, engaging content through creativity and powerful storytelling. Committed to excellence and successful content for all platforms of digital media.

Executive Producer | Content Development
Proficient in providing editorial oversight, a keen eye and sensibility on all platforms. Expertise in managing several projects at a time. Highly skilled in taking a project from concept to completion, meeting deadlines and within budget. Ability to use data and analytics to make informed editorial and programming decisions that optimize content and ensure all work aligns with business objectives.
Collaborative relationship-builder able to work across multiple, diverse departments effectively. Adept at recruiting, mentoring and supervising team members in a fast-paced environment. Energetic and enthusiastic in all undertakings.
• Documentaries
• Video Production
• Project Management
• Content Development
• Storytelling
• Problem-Solving
• Decision-Making
• Digital Platforms
• Data Analysis
• Time Management
• Prioritization
• Organization; Attention to Detail
• Team Leadership
Oversaw the development and production of 70 pieces of multimedia content for the launch of a startup
Created multi-year, winning broadcast programming schedule for a major network.
Coordinated development, production, and delivery of award-winning documentaries and all associated digital content for a major network.


  • 2017

    Chief Content Officer/Executive Producer

    Member of the management team of a digital startup business. Overseeing all stages of production of multimedia content. Establishing protocols for delivery in a timely manner. Collaborating with all teams to create compelling media. Ensuring productions meet goals. Developing new programming ideas. • In 3 months, I managed the development and production of 70 pieces of multimedia content for launch • I worked across all departments, including production and business development • I supervised and mentored team members, including several new entrants into the job market

  • 2017 - 2017
    ABC News/Lincoln Square Productions


    Researched, wrote and produced \"Beyond the Headlines: Murder in the Family\" documentary for Lifetime. • Crash produced a documentary to follow the “Menendez: Blood Brothers” movie on Lifetime • Selected stories, conducted interviews, wrote scripts, and supervised editing

  • 2016 - 2018
    The American Issues Initiative


    Trying to answer the questions around how America decides on the federal, state and local level who should lead us and whether our democracy serves the people for which it stands. • Oversaw production and research • Conducted interviews and directed shoots in the field in Wisconsin and North Carolina

  • 2006 - 2016

    Coordinating Producer, Longform Programming

    During my long tenure at MSNBC, I wore many hats. I functioned as a \"utility hitter,\" taking on an almost endless variety of tasks and making them my own. I created my own job and developed and expanded it as time went on. • Created multi-year winning broadcast programming schedules for a major network • Coordinated the development, production, and delivery of award-winning documentaries and all associated digital content for a major network • Worked across multiple, diverse departments effectively • Selected, supervised and mentored team members

  • 2003 - 2006

    Writer/Producer, Longform Programming

    Researched, wrote and produced several types of programs, including the hour-long specials \"JFK: The Day that Changed America\", and the \"Picking Our Presidents\" series. • Headliner Award for the \"Battleground America\" series, which covered the 2004 Presidential Campaign

  • 2001 - 2002
    Sundance Channel


    Wrote and produced special programs • “Tribute to Faith Hubley”, an hour-long retrospective of this pioneer animator’s career • “Scenes from the Lab”, focusing on films developed at Sundance Institute • “Afterthought” segments on feature films, including “Billy Elliott,” “Falling Like This,” “Madchen in Uniform,” “The Trip to Bountiful,” “Death and the Compass,” and “The Waterdance”